The School of Destiny (SOD) commenced since the year 1998 with transforming and lasting imparts upon her Students over the years. Like the name states, it is an annual school of Ministry that is aimed at training, equipping and grouping the students on/with Biblical truths that shall provide them with godly wisdom; knowledge and understanding to fulfilling their divine purposes, callings and by extension influencing their world. It is with this feet that we once again pull-up all the resources at our disposal to sustain and build on the established tempo.

It's a new session in this great institution, running with a theme BUILDING A LASTING GENERATION (Luke 6:47-48, 1 Corinthians 3:10-11). Jesus’ analogy in Luke 6:47-48 entails that His words and teachings are not just additions to improve our lives or our standard of living but rather they are foundational words- the very foundation to build a life on. He said ‘If you work these words into your life, you are like a wise master builder who builds his house on a solid rock but if you do not work them into your life you are like one who builds on sand that will eventually collapse under the effect of strong waves and storm’. In this dispensation of the fullness of times, there is a need to prepare, raise and build a Generation of believers on the solid rock- Christ foundational principles, that will remain in the faith until His second coming.

The following are the school's objectives/thrust for this session:

  • To teach and equip believers with Christ foundational truths that will stand unwavering against false doctrines, philosophies and heresies in contemporary Christianity.
  • To reveal the biblical concepts of controversial topics in Christendom.
  • To raise believers with basic biblical understanding unto maturity in all spheres of life.
  • To ignite the zeal, fire and passion for God in the lives of men for the end time.

The above objectives will be achieved powerfully via the following departments:

  • BIBLIOLOGY AND APOLOGETICS (a.k.a Custodians of Truth)
  • CREATIVE ARTS AND MINISTRY (a.k.a The World Changers)
  • KINGDOM IDENTITY AND PURPOSE (a.k.a The Ambassadors)
  • KINGDOM WEALTH AND SUCCESS (a.k.a God’s Treasure Trove)
  • LIFE ESSENTIALS AND LEADERSHIP (a.k.a Epitomes of Virtue)
  • RESTORATION & END-TIME REVIVAL (a.k.a Kingdom Knights)
  • WORLD MISSIONS (a.k.a End-time Emissaries)